Your Intro Guide to Web3, Crypto, and NFTs

Allie K. Miller
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Heard about crypto, NFTs, and Web3 but not sure where to start?

I've created a complete guide to teach newbies everything they need to know. This 31-page guide features all of the top FAQ on blockchain and NFTs, top platforms to use, top web3 influencers to follow on social media, courses to take, podcasts to listen to, a full step-by-step guide on how to buy or mint NFTs, how to get an ETH domain, and a glossary of the top 30+ terms used in the industry.

It's all written in plain English but with just enough detail so that you actually know how to talk about it with your crypto-obsessed cousin at Thanksgiving dinner.

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"Top Questions on Web3: Answered"

Answering the questions I always get like what is crypto, why do NFTs matter, what are the common arguments against NFTs, and what are the top NFT use cases

"Web3, Crypto, and NFT Glossary: 30+ Terms You Should Know"

Including proof of work, ethereum, blockchain, dApp, DeFi, metaverse, and more

"The Easiest Freaking Steps to Buy an NFT"

8 easy steps to purchase cryptocurrency, transfer to a wallet, and purchase an NFT

"The Easiest Freaking Steps to Create or “Mint” an NFT"

8 easy steps to put an NFT out in the world

"How to Get Your Own ETH Domain"

Make your crypto life a little easier with an easy to remember ETH domain

⭐ "Top Resources to Learn More about Web3, Crypto, and NFTs"

Continued learning is key! I've included my top lists of podcasts to listen to, Twitter folks to follow, communities to join, courses to take, job boards to sign up for, and more

This document is not associated with any of my current, past, or future employers nor any of the companies, platforms, or technologies mentioned in this guide. This guide should be used for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be investment advice. All investments involve risk, and you should do your own research before any investment decision. 

Do not reproduce without permission. 

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All net proceeds through the end of 2022 go to Girls Who Code ( who is on a mission to close the gender gap in tech and has reached 500,000,000 people through their online resources, campaigns, books, and advocacy work - in the U.S. and around the world.

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31-page NFT guide features all the most popular FAQ, beginner-friendly glossary, how NFTs work, how to buy and mint NFTs, and top web3 education resources (podcasts, communities, courses, platforms). Check it out!

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Your Intro Guide to Web3, Crypto, and NFTs

33 ratings
I want this!