Annual Goal Planning Template: Set Goals, Take Action, Track Progress

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If you want to create annual goals with more focus and structure, this guide is for you.

I have used this process for the last 7+ years and have shared it with friends, coworkers, mentees, and followers. I (and thousands of others) have found that this process creates more sustainable and achievable goals than previous attempts. 

I am by no means a productivity specialist, but most of my attempts are based on (1) cognitive science, (2) reading/asking others, and (3) EPIC FAILURES of things I've tried. This guide aims to be flexible enough for any role or background—heck, even if it’s your first time setting goals.

I’ve gotten extremely positive feedback and am excited to share this with more people. Even if this document only helps one person, I’ll consider the process of writing it up time well spent. 

This 29-page guide includes:

✅ How to create an annual motto

✅ My last 6+ annual mottos and why I picked each one

✅ How to brainstorm goals

✅ What questions to ask yourself when setting goals

✅ How to set the right goals

✅ How many goals to set

✅ A complete template for your annual goals (including template, examples, and designs)

✅ Tips on setting goals and sticking to them

✅ How to hold yourself accountable to your annual goals

✅ Top FAQ like what to do when you get stuck and how to stay motivated

This document is not associated with any of my current, past, or future employers nor any of the companies, platforms, or technologies mentioned in this guide. Do not reproduce without permission. 

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A simple, reliable process to set big goals, make them actionable, and track progress.

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Annual Goal Planning Template: Set Goals, Take Action, Track Progress

44 ratings
I want this!